Care & Maintenance

What can I do to care for my used snowblower?


There are a few key areas of maintenance that will keep your used snowblower running for years to come. 

  1. Always use fresh gas in the engine, preferably non oxygenated gas - this is preferable for small engines. If you have a 2 stroke engine, use fresh gas and remember to mix it with 2 cycle oil in a gas can before filling your gas tank. The mix ratio on most 2 stroke snowthrowers is anywhere from 32 to 1 to 50 to 1. Typically the ratio is printed on the gas cap or elsewhere on the machine. 
  2. Change the oil every season. Most snowblowers use 5w30, but check the users manual of your particular machine. To change the oil, start your snowblower and let it run for 5 minutes. This will heat the oil and allow it to drain quickly. The drain plug for the oil will come off the side or the back of the engine, and typically needs a 5/8" wrench to remove the plug. Once drained, fill according to the dipstick just like you would with your automobile. 
  3. Change the spark plug every one or two seasons. Sparks plugs are relatively inexpensive and easy to change, so this piece of maintenance is a no brainer! Most two stage Tecumseh engines use an RJ19LM spark plug, but check your users manual to ensure this is correct.
  4. Check the condition of the belts once a year, and replace as necessary. Most two stage snowblowers have two belts: one for the drive and one for the auger. (Some blowers have two belts to run the auger.) Belts are relatively cheap and easy to replace. Ensure the belt you purchase is rated for outdoor power equipment. The belt numbers are located in the parts guide for your snowblower. If you cannot locate the manual, search online as many manufacturers post manuals online.
  5. Examine the skid shoes and scraper bar and replace as needed. The skid shoes are on the outside edges of the auger housing. They should sit a quarter of an inch lower that the scraper bar, or lower if you have rocks on your driveway that you want to avoid throwing. The part numbers for each of these parts are also located in the user manual for your snowblower.
  6. Clean the blower of excessive snow after each use. Do this ONLY after you have turned the machine off. Excessive snow that remains on the auger housing and on top of the engine will cause rust to form, so clear off snow after each use.
  7. At the end of the season, either drain all the gas, or use fuel stabilizer to help maintain octane in the gas. The preferable of these two is to drain all fuel each year. This is the single best off season maintenance you can do for your snowblower! If this isn't done, gasoline will eventually gum up the carburetor causing it to start hard or not start at all.


Good luck with your used snowblower! And call us if you need anything we are conveniently located in Rosemount and only a short drive from Lakeville and Apple Valley.


- Tyler Kirchner

Owner, Engine Galaxy

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